What we do

Recycling Waste Into Energy


Confidential waste bags and security seals are supplied. You do not have to sort the items that you put into our Bags like most companies, Folders, plastic sheets, clips, disc's, tapes, credit cards, etc, are all ok. Minimum collection 6 bags (dependent on area). Please note: the bags hold up to 20kg and remain the property of PSP, lost bags are charged for.


Most types of bins are available either to buy or to rent


If you have Archive boxes or loose files/materials that you want destroyed, we offer a BULK service This saves you time and money. We collect as is and charge you by weight. Minimum weight charge is 250kg. Please contact us for a quote.

Storage Relocation

We can collect and store file boxes in secure containers and retreive as needed. Other items can also be stored, please ask for details.

Special Waste Services

We are Waste Brokers which means if you have a waste problem of any type please call us, we can arrange the secure disposal to fit in with your requirements. Below are just a few examples of the special waste services we offer. Call us now for a advice or for a no obligation quotation, we are here to assist you!

Hazadous Waste | Chemical Waste | Clinical Waste | Pharmacuticals | IT Equipment

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